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Find Peace When Life Gets Loud

Above The Noise is a six-week journey that will teach you how to hear the voice of God for that one thing that eludes us.

A New Series

How do you find peace and clarity when life is noisy, pressured and chaotic? What if there is a way to rise above the noise and find the rest and direction that often seems to elude you? What if the same voice that spoke the world into existence is speaking to you... right now? That voice is the voice of God.

God loves you. God knows you. God has much to say about your greatest dreams, deepest needs and sharpest pains. Let God speak to you today.

You can find peace. You can find clarity. You can find direction.

Hear The Voice of God

Discover five ways to hear the voice of God, experience unimaginable peace and live Above The Noise.

1. Rise Above The Noise (Introduction)
2. The Word Above The Noise
3. The Spirit Above The Noise
4. The People Above The Noise
5. The Vision Above The Noise
6. The Circumstances Above The Noise

What is Above The Noise?

Small Groups

Above The Noise isn’t just an experience, it’s a chance to connect with other people like you and learn to hear from God and experience unimaginable peace, clarity and direction. Find your group today and discover how to live above the noise.

Find A Group Host A Group

Invite Others

We all know family, friends, neighbors or co-workers who want to rise above the noise and find the rest and direction that often seems to elude them.

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