If you are looking to deepen your biblical knowledge and grow in your relationship with Christ, these free, biblical education classes may be right for you.

Prerequisite: All class members must register and must be Church of the King members, having completed Step One: Starting Point.

Please note childcare is not available for these classes.

Due to the intensity and rigorous pace of the classes, we ask that children not attend, in order to provide everyone with the best classroom environment possible. Students in the eighth grade are also welcome to attend with a parent if they have completed Step One: Starting Point as well. Students younger than the eighth grade should not attend due to the fast pace of the classes.

Monday Nights 7pm-9pm

Registration Required
Israel Past & Present: Israel & the Middle East in 2017

Instructor: Pastor Sam

Location: Globe 345, Little Creek Campus

This semester-long class will cover the history of Israel and the Jews, God's biblical plan for Israel and a review of present day Israel and today's Middle East.

Registration Required
The Spirit-Filled Life

Instructor: Pastor David Miller

Location: Annex Worship Center, Little Creek Campus

Prerequisite:Previous successful completion of Freedom curriculum (small group and retreat) is required to participate in this class.

This is a six-week class that builds upon the principles taught in our Freedom small group curriculum. This class will explore different ways that we can cultivate the power of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. This class will include lectures as well as opportunities to directly experience and engage with the Holy Spirit.


Tuesday Nights 7pm-9pm

Registration Required
The Book of Ephesians

Instructor: Lee Castello

Location: Globe 345, Little Creek Campus

The book of Ephesians teaches us how to understand and how to live the life of Christ everyday. We will take an in-depth look at the principles and practices laid out in Ephesians to learn successful Christian living.


Thursday Nights 7pm-9pm

Registration Required
How To Share Christ with Others II

Instructor: Pastor Sam

Location: Globe 345, Little Creek Campus

This five-week class will build upon the evangelism class taught last fall. We will explore additional topics both in Scripture and in practical application to help equip us to share our faith with others. Note – you are welcome to participate in this class even if you did not take the first class in the fall.

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