King’s Biblical Institute will offer a Certificate of Leadership program. This new program will feature 9 different courses on a variety of subjects including Biblical studies, theology, leadership, and world missions.

The Certificate of Leadership program is designed for anyone who is interested in going deeper in their relationship with God by learning more about the Bible. Earning the Certificate of Leadership will prepare you to have greater influence in your family, workplace, and community.

Please read carefully and apply below.

Course Costs

  • Courses cost $150 each. Participants who enroll in four or more courses (Evangelism is not counted towards the four courses) per semester will pay $500 for all courses.
  • Evangelism is a free course

Admissions Requirements

  • Adults as well as high school Juniors and Seniors.
  • Be a member at Church of the King.
  • Complete the four steps of the Growth Track.
  • Active member of either a Church of the King Small Group or a Dream Team Ministry

Certificate of Leadership Graduation Requirements

Core Courses

(Complete all seven)

  • Old Testament Introduction
  • Genesis
  • Spirit-Empowered Living
  • Evangelism
  • New Testament Introduction
  • Romans
  • Kingdom Principles

Elective Courses

(Complete either track)

  • Leadership Track
    • Leadership 1
    • Leadership 2
  • Missions Track
    • Introduction to Missions
    • Perspectives in Missions

Fall 2017 Semester

Course descriptions (application required).

Leadership 1

Mondays, 7pm-9pm (first class 9/25)
Instructors: Pastors Danny Mequet and David Miller

Leadership 1 is a discovery course focused on destiny, calling, as well as basic principles of leadership. (12 weeks) Live streaming available at the South Shore and Gulf Coast campuses.

Introduction to Missions

Mondays, 7pm-9pm (first class 9/25)
Instructors: Pastor Sam

Introduction to Missions is an in-depth study of the history from the 1st century church to the modern missions movement. Key people and events will be highlighted, as well as strategies both past and present. (12 Weeks) Only available at the Little Creek Campus.

Spirit-Empowered Living

Tuesdays, 7pm-9pm (first class 9/5)
Instructors: Pastor Tony LaGamba

Spirit-Empowered Living is a study and practicum of Holy Spirit led spiritual disciplines. (12 weeks) Live streaming available at the South Shore and Gulf Coast campuses.


Wednesdays, 7pm-9pm (first class 9/6)
Instructors: Lee Castello

Genesis is a full exegetical study of the book, noting the foundation of every major doctrine within Genesis. Teaching is student led and emphasis is on relevance and application. (12 weeks) No live streaming available.


Thursdays, 7pm-9pm (first class 9/7)
Instructors: Pastor Sam

Evangelism guides leaders through principles for effective witnessing in the 21st century. This FREE course consists of a total of four class hours. (4 weeks) Live streaming available at the South Shore and Gulf Coast campuses.

Old Testament Introduction

Fridays, 7pm-9pm (first class 9/8)
Instructors: Lee Castello

Old Testament Introduction is an overview of the entire Old Testament noting the various sections and genre. Special attention is given to the covenants, to the progression of revelation, and to the messianic hope. (12 weeks)

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